How to Use Snapchat for Business for FREE! Blog + Biz

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How to Use Snapchat for Business for FREE! Grow Your Blog + Biz with Snapchat.

I’m sure the word is out!


This is HUGE news!

You can use Snapchat for blogs and biz, promote your content, and grow your conversions from yet another awesome social tool.

When I heard this, my brain went crazy just lil bit.

Snapchat and Pinterest are by far my two most favorite things on the internet.

And using them to help business is just too good.

Snapchat has gotten a bunch of bad press recently because of Snap maps… a situation I feel like most millennials know how to keep under control though. Everything on the internet (and in life) needs to be used with much wisdom!

What I love about this is that you can link your snaps no matter how big or small your following is. Unlike Instagram, where you have to wait to mysteriously get verified before adding links to your Insta-stories

But since Snapchat has rolled out this insanely awesome feature, let’s delve into how to use this tools to grow you business and brand!

  1. Show your behind the scenes

Whether it’s starting your work day, a hot cup of coffee, or just a daily rank, people love to see what’s up, what you’re doing, and how you’re feeling. That’s awesome!

Showing your behind the scenes helps you become more relatable, something that you need when you’re trying to grow your audience through a computer screen. You’re a human being! So show it!

2. Affiliate Links

Now you can totally affiliate link up your Snaps.

New Lip Gloss? Snap it. Link it.

Hot Outfit? Snap it. Link it.

Amazon Order Craze? Snap it. Link it.

New Blogging Class that you Tots Love? Snap it. Link it.

Talk about what you like and don’t like about a product and what you would recommend to your friends. Talk about the results that you’ve seen from it and why you value this product.

Oh the possibilities are endless! So exciting!

3. Showcase YOUR Products/Funnels

If you’re developing your first online course or selling your first physical product, you can definitely link it to your webpage after snapping about it!

If it’s a dress, snap yourself twirling it in then encourage your audience to swipe up to find out more!

Maybe you just published your first e-book…Snap your friends to check it out and maybe even pre-frame it with a Snap Story!

Snap short interviews with face-to-face customers about what they love and don’t love about your new stash.

4. Showcase Your Freebie/Opt-In & Grow Your Email List!

Another way to use Snapchat for blogs and biz is to showcase your Freebie/Opt-in/ Lead Magnet! I know this is technically your product as well. But it’s definitely more than just a sale here.

You’re getting a customer for life!

When you get a subscriber from your freebie and keep them engaged, you’ll be flexing your email marketing muscles which will hopefully maintain a relationship with you in the long run!

5. Support Other Bloggers!

Maybe you don’t have a affiliate link to them, but you think their content is AWESOME!

This is a great way to help promote each other’s content and toot each others horn!

There’s more potential for shoutouts here too!

6. Use Your “Our Stories” Snaps to reach a wider range

Share your Snapcode on your Snaps and send them to “Our Stories” to reach a wider audience in your location.

This helps them add you to their snap chat friends so they can see your stories as well!

7. Share your snapcode and username to other social media outlets/email

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email whatever it is you like! Share your Snapcode to your audience and encourage them to link your stuff to widen your audience and build a more personal relationship with your tribe!


8. Make Your Own Geofilter!

Okay, this one cost 5 bucks. But for 5 bucks you can make your own Geofilter! Everyone loves geofilters!

Geofilters are a add on you can place on your pictures that is triggered by location.

The benefit of snapchat is that it’s very “here and now.”

And that’s what people want to see!

There’s something weirdly exciting about watching someone do something completely different than you right at this moment!

It sounds weird, but it’s true (you know it’s true.)

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What other ways can you think of using Snapchat for your blog + biz?