All about Stock Photos: Free Stock Photos and Uses

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12 Free Sources of Stock Photos!

*Feature Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

Uses for Stock Photos for your blog/marketing:

1. Feature Images

Basically all my feature Images are stock photos that I’ve edited on Canva for a text overlay!

2. Pinterest pins

Same thing! I also talk about how to create Pinterest graphics in this post.

3. Pinterest board covers

The way I use stock photos for board covers is overlaying text and a solid color with some transparency. Gives your board cover a nice backdrop.

4. Facebook Cover photos

5. Facebook Post Images

6. Facebook Ads

Use stock photos with dominant colors being anything other than blue, grey, black, white. Catch attention with orange, red, pink, etc.

7. In Post Images

In order not to slow down your website, I’d recommend embedding them instead of uploading them directly on your post!

8. Instagram posts

A great way to do this without claiming the photo as yours is overlaying text over the stock image.

9. Header Image on Your Blog

A nice backdrop for your logo

10. Email Header

Imageless Emails are so boring! Spice up your emails by adding a colorful header image with your logo on it!

3 thoughts on “All about Stock Photos: Free Stock Photos and Uses

  1. I use pixabay for my blog images. I haven’t heard of the others that you mentioned. I will check them out. Thanks for the tips and sharing this with us!

  2. This was hugely informative, I use a lot of graphics on IG and FB to bring in peoples’ eye, and designing myself on Affinity or PicMonkey is such a boring and long process. I’ve actually spent hours removing watermarks from shutterstock before now! Alhamdulillah this will make the process quick and easy but absolutely eye catching for IG especially. Thanks!

  3. I’m always needing free images and Pixabay is my favourite as well. That’s a long list you have. Didn’t know there were so many out there. Thanks for that.

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