Must Have Blogging Resources For Your Blog!

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When I first started blogging, I was a serious mess.

I knew no one who blogged for a living.

No one who monetized their blog.

I know a bit about WordPress because of my high school days,

but not enough to make money blogging.

Here are some blogs/articles that really helped me, inspired me, made me believe in myself and my goal of passive income from blogging:

Chasing Foxes 

This blog made me rethink all my previous experiences with bloggin advice. So far, before reading it, everyone was saying to only blog about one thing. Basically picking only one niche. When I saw Chasing Foxes, I threw my hands up! I was like, whoa, they did it, and they blog about everything.

Granted, they have a lot of content about every single thing they blog about.

And quite classily too.

But anyway, it was still awesome to see something different that really worked for them!

Melyssa Griffin’s Blog Business Plan

Very detailed and focused. A true business plan I needed that help me figure out what I should be doing next and what I need to think about now. Since I have no experience with business, this was a real great way for me to streamline my focus.

Create and Go

Basically anything on here, they were the ones that inspired me to start in the first place!

White Oak Collective

A friend of mine referred me to this link when I was having a blogging + biz meltdown. Took a look at it and with Melyssa’s Blog Business Plan, I felt like I had a good idea of what I was doing

Making Sense of Cents

Drink Coffee and Prosper – Facebook Groups to Grow Your Blog

Believe in a Budget

Raelyn Tan

I love her blog. And I was so inspired by her webinar that this was the ONLY blogging course I invested in. She is very easy to communicate with and very professional. I have yet to complete the course with her but I’m excited to see what it does for my blog + biz!

There’s one income report that I’m currently scouring the internet for.. It was such an inspirational story about making income from home. She had most $10k a month from her blog starting from scratch and facing a threat from the court about getting a job outside the home for custody of her kids.

As of now, I’m still looking for it.

But it was so amazing, I need to share it with you!


Well, I hope these resources were helpful in your blogging for beginners endeavors!

And I wish you the very best!


What other blogging resources have been helpful for you?

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