How to Embed a Photo to Your Blog Post with Dropbox

embed images into blog posts for blogging for beginners (2)

So when I first started blogging, I freaked out because my website took 8 seconds to load.

EIGHT WHOLE seconds.

That’s detrimental to SEO rankings. And seriously, for consumers, ain’t nobody got time fo’ that.

(Also, I forgot to mention, if you’d like to check our your site speed, click here.)

So I did some research and I realized that big pictures were a huge problem.

And since content new needs to be visually appealing with at-least-decent graphics to make the run, you see my dilemma.

Then I was faced with another problem: how in the world do I embed my pictures?

I scoured the internet and pieced together information to finally figure it out how to do embed pictures into my blog posts using dropbox ( and all fo’ free! Weee!)

So I hope this short and quick tutorial is helpful for you and upload time!

Download the worksheet to embed photos step by step HERE


  1. Drop Image into Dropbox

2. Click Share

3. Click “Copy Link”

4) Change “” to “”



5) Change “dl=0” to “raw=1”


6) Insert this url into the img code:

<img src=”X” />


<img src=”” />

7) Insert into blog post!


Have you tried it? Let me know how it goes!