How to Get a Classy Logo Design on a Budget!

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How to get a classy logo design on a budget

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As a newbie blogger, I had no idea how to do anything.

No idea that I could get stock photos for free.

Not a clue how to design and brand a blog.

Not even the slightest hint of what the terms meant

*BTW you can download a free pdf here: Blog Terms Sheet

One of the biggest ways your blog can stand out and look professional (which also helps in marketing, monetizing, getting approved for Adsense, etc) is to get a nice looking logo design.

Now, with getting a logo design, you have a few options here.

Option 1: If you got a bit of cash and not enough time

Using Fiverr is my best advice. Fiverr is traffic and it’s full of talent. You get someone to design your logo as cheap as 5 bucks. Make sure you read their description and reviews, keeping in mind that you want some leeway to change certain things if you don’t like the design. But for now, keep in mind the Fiverr is a terrific place to go for logo design, and many other business and marketing endeavors as a newbie.

Option 2: If you don’t have cash but have time

I would recommend designing a logo yourself using Canva. Even if you have no design experience at all, their templates are so easy to use and edit to your liking, you’ll have a logo you love in a matter of minutes. I absolutely adore Canva. It’s free, creative, and they are always adding new options for their clients. It’s a game changer for me and I would recommend it to anyone!

Option 3: If you have some cash and some time

I would recommend going onto Upwork and even (if you’re good at searching for it) on Instagram to find some really nice designers. You can look through reviews and galleries of their work to make sure you like what you see. That’s what I love about Instagram. You get to see their work right up front and center. There are some amazing talent on hand lettering out there as well!

If you’re hiring on Instagram, consider paying through Paypal (after the work is done of course). And don’t be shy in drafting a small contract just in case legal purposes are needed. Explore foreign talent as well. That’s what I love about the internet! And it they might give a unique artsy twist to your logo.

Here’s an Instagram account that I loved!


Lastly, keep looking at other brands/sites and what worked for their logo. Not to copy them, but to get a good idea of what’s popular and what looks good. What you like and what would work for you. You can keep a log of what really catches your attention (colors, shapes, words, lettering) and what you think will make your brand really pop amongst the sea of others!

Simple designs work well. And from my experience, a light background with a dark object/lettering works well too.

After you’ve drafted a few options, you can also test it out to see conversion rates. Survey a group of people on Facebook or ask your friends what option they would be more attracted to. Get feedback and go from there!

I hope this helped you brainstorm ideas for a new classy logo on a budget!


What other ways would you try out?