Learn Affiliate Marketing Like a Pro

The world of passive income is so strange to a traditionally taught mind. It’s seriously against everything we ever learned.

Just chuck the textbook out the window it’s just taking up space! Nevertheless, it’s definitely worth it. It pushes you to think outside the norm.

And the thought of freedom is so juicy, you can’t stop even if you wanted to. But we all get to a point where we realize that we have no clue what the peanuts is going on.

You see income reports and people chilling at the beach in like 5 different countries. Never having to worry about bills or insurance payments the same way.

That leaves the rest of us sitting here in awe, wonder, and the wait-how-did-you-do-that look on our faces. Well, one of the very common ways people make a living online is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is basically when you get paid to refer to someone else’s product or services without an extra cost to the consumer.

It’s a great way to 1) Make Money and 2) Promote your own services as well.

Usually blogs tend to monetize if three main ways: Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Selling your own courses/products/services.

But Marketing in general is a skill that we actually need to learn. The concept and idea coming from the experts that have done it before and even better- help other people succeed to.

That brings me two resources that will help you learn how to master affiliate marketing like a pro!


Okay, Russell Brunson is a genius. And he knows what he’s doing. The affiliate bootcamp will not only help you create your own funnel to succeed, but it will teach you all you ever need to know about marketing in general. You can apply to any business you’ll ever own.

He’s personable and very likeable. His presentations pass by in 5 minutes because of how entertaining and filled with knowledge they are. It’s something you really should check out, especially if you’re new to the business world and entrepreneurship. He gets into good detail about marketing, the temperatures of traffic, a good marketing strategy, and most of all- that fact that YOU are enough. You have something people will want to pay for just from your past experiences and knowledge.

Plus, you can actually get a change to win your dream car! I’m not even kidding, check it out.



The second program I want to bring you to is Affiliorama.

Sign up for a free account and they’ll have lessons right in their dashboard. It’s a such great resource. They have lessons on market research, SEO, PPC, Site building, etc. All for free. You have the option to upgrade for $1 as well. It can’t get better than that folks.

The thing that I’m pushing for more than anything here is KNOWLEDGE. Yes, entrepreneurship takes a lot of trial and error, but also, you need to at least have an idea of how things work and why.

If you didin’t take business or marketing in college, than these free resources are something to really look into. I’ve certainly benefited a lot from them and I don’t doubt that you will too.

Let me know what you think? What did you learn?

*this post contains affiliate links*